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In dit boek geeft Neale Donald Walsch, auteur van Gesprekken met God je tien essentiële instrumenten die jou kunnen helpen om de verandering te zijn die je zou willen zien in de wereld. Het boek is vooral interessant voor spiritueel werkers, zendelingen, Christelijke mission-workers e.a. ....


Jaar van uitgave: 2005

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The Holy Experience


The Holy Experience is about the moment when we know at last that we and God are one. It is about how to step into that moment, how to access the experience at any time, and about the promise of being able to remain in that experience forever.

From the text…


Many people have had this experience (the experience of being Everything) momentarily. They have had it in meditation, perhaps, or in a time of pure silence, or in the midst of an impactful interaction with another (such as sexual union or laughing until tears come, or weeping together), or walking alone through the woods on a sunlit morning, or swimming in the ocean, or, simply washing dishes.

I call this The Holy Experience.

It is when you know Who You Really Are.

While many people have had this experience momentarily, the trick is to have it continually. Or at least a great deal more of the time. That was the yearning of the Buddha. It was the journey of the Christ. It is the opportunity placed before each of us.

Many Masters have shown us the way.

The way is for us to BE the way.


Jaar van uitgave: 2007-2010 (omstreeks)

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A World In Turmoil and How We Can Respond

Words of hope from the messages of Conversations with God


Neale Donald Walsch


Jaar van uitgave: 2015

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